Tuesday, November 24, 2009

review: lush shower cream wash in " YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY"

-smells fabulous like real strawberries
-skin feels amazing after using
-lathers up real nice
-can double as a shampoo
-no animal testing
-it has almond oil so it moisturizes my skin well
cleans thoroughly

-it's incredibly runny. it goes right through my loofah!
-smell can smell too sweet if you're not into that kind of scent
-pricey for a shower gel
-scent stays on you

i really like this shower gel, despite the runny formula, it smells divine and cleanses my skin well and the scent lingers hours after i've shower =) i've read on MUA that this YYY is drying but my skin always feels silky smooth after a shower. i also love the fact that i can use it on my hair! i haven't done that, but i will when i'm feeling lazy!

WILL I PURCHASE AGAIN maybe, as much as i love YYY, i'm unsure if i will repurchase, i just find it too pricey for a shower gel.



irene82 said...

Great review!

Yumeko said...

i dont like sweet smellls so it might not be me i guess

Mona said...

i haven't used this one yet but love LUSH haha

mimi said...

@irene thanks girl!!
@yumeko- maybe, but i hope you'll still give it a try =)
@mona- LUSH IS LOVE <3 try this!! =)

agigi said...

i'm crazy for lush too! yummy yummy yummy!

mimi said...

@jess: you love lush too??? i love the bubble bars you gave me!!! and the ballistic bath bombs!!! (remember?) LUSH LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaby said...

Hi! I'm a new follower (=

Thanks for this review! I should definitely try some LUSH products. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas wishlist? ^^

mimi said...

@gaby HI! yes yes yes!! try LUSH!!!! i used to hate the overwhelming smells, but now i;m sooooo in love with it!!!!