Thursday, July 29, 2010

review: mac paint pots

-makes eyeshadow vibrant
-comes in a lot of different colors and finishes
-doesn't crease so a base isn't necessary
-easily applied with either fingers or a brush
-the packaging is pretty

-product can be drying on the lids ( you have to blend quickly)
-the breakable glass packaging
-if you don't blend it properly it can kinda look cakey

would i purchase again?
probably not, with products like udpp & tfsi you can't find a better base and nyx's jumbo eye pencils are as vibrant and easier to blend. it's also cheaper.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hong kong haul

well it's not really my haul because my sister was the one who went to hong kong and picked these up for me. hehe but it was my list nonetheless :)) thanks big sis for getting these! i didn't know nars was such a pain to look for in hong kong but she said they didn't have it in the department store but rather in this tiny little salon.

i'm really excited about this haul because it's the first time i've ever had any nars items. i've always been a mac whore but i've been hearing so much about nars blushes, i really couldn't help myself. i'm supposed to be on a makeup ban ( more on than later) but i really couldn't resist :)

anyways, on to the haul!

mac 188

close up

mac studio fix foundation nc25

mac eyeshadow #brun going to use this for my eyebrows

nars blushes #deep throat & #desire


deep throat

so that's my little haul :) i wish i could take better pictures, i took these during daylight and i used the macro setting..yet my pictures still come out as blah. i guess i should fiddle around it some more but whatever :) hope you lovelies like my haul :))

Sunday, July 18, 2010

review: smashbox softlights



swatches :)

-finely milled powder makes the product go on really smoothy
-the shimmer is very subtle, there's no huge chunks of glitter
-it's very versatile, it's not just for cheeks it can be used for brow hi-light
-these jumbo pots contain 0.352 oz of products and since a little goes a long way..these pots will last forever and a day!

-the product is too soft and crumbly. it will be a nightmare if i ever drop this
-it's pretty pricey but for the amount of product you'd be getting...
-if you're going clubbing or dancing, the shimmer might end up looking like oil in your face

if you're looking for a luminizer that gives you a really natural finish plus depositing a little color, this product is for you. its pricey but the huge pot really would make it last forever, so it's really worth it.

will i purchase again ?
yes! if and when i finish these two pots :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

review: lucas papaw ointment


-huge tub (75g) will last forever
-will heal an dry patches on face, lips,elbows,hells, knees etc!
-a lot of people don't like the smell, but i LOVE it!
-very moisturizing
-smooth and balmy on the lips ( despite the texture)
-it has amazing staying power!


-not affordable in manila, have to get it online!
-if you're easily tired of products..beware! the 75g tube is HUGE and will probably last me 2 years...or more!
-some people might be bothered by the smell. although i found it pleasing
-the jar lid tends to get gunky and messy. probably had to do with the shipping though :)


this product is amazing with all its moisturizing agents and capabilities. but to be completely honest it is pretty much like vaseline but in a cute jar and a more expensive price tag. soo if you're like me, and you are willing to pay more for something prettier and a cult product, go ahead and pick one up :) you won't be disappointed :)

will i purchase again? yes! :) IF and WHEN this stuff runs out :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

june favorites

hi beauties! i hope i'm not too late with this post :) this is the first time i'm doing something like this and hopefully i can continue doing it every month. i didn't go in-depth with any of these products but if any of you want me to review any products here...please just ask :) i will gladly do it :) so anways, on to the post!! :)

1. the balm time balm concealer #light medium
2. covergirl lash blast mascara #black
3. too faced shadow insurance
4. styli style line and seal eyeliner # black-brown
5. mac studio fix foundation #nc30
6. mac blush #gingerly
7. mac lipstick #hug me
8. mac eyeshadow #cork ( for my eyebrows)
9. marionnaud blush brush #32
10. mac angled brush #168SE
11. mac small angled brush #208

Saturday, July 3, 2010

eotd: cranberry & trax

wow! i'm on a roll with posting these days :D i was looking at my collection and realized i barely touch any of my "colored" eyeshadow. so i decided to make one! please excuse my blending-everytime i see the finished look in a photograph i see sooo many mistakes i need to fix! but i guess this is why i have this blog to share and also to learn :) also, i need to learn how to tightline! i see soo much gaps in between my lashes- yuck! haha

well anyways, hope you beauties like my EOTD :)

products used:

mac paint pot #constructivist (base)
mac eyeshadow #cranberry (lid)
mac eyeshadow #trax (crease)
mac eyeshadow #shroom (inner eye)
mac eyeshadow #vanilla (brow highlight)
revlon eyeliner #black (lashline & waterline)
mac eyeshadow #espesso ( brows)
covergirl lashblast mascara #black

Thursday, July 1, 2010


products used:

too faced shadow insurance
nyx jumbo eye pencil # cottage cheese (base)
mac eyeshadow # modest tone (lid)
mac eyeshadow # wedge (crease)
mac eyeshadow # vanilla (brow highlight)
mac eyeshadow # espresso (brows)
shu uemura eyelash curler
covergirl lash blast volume #black

olay moisturizer
the balm concealer
mac studio fix foundation

nyx cream blush #natural
mac blush #dollymix

mac lipstick # hug me