Saturday, November 28, 2009

review: kerastase oleo relax ( anti-frizz serum)

-yummy smell
-never too greasy or weighed down
-untangles the knots easily
-makes my hair soft, silky and shiny
-the light floral scent is heavenly
-the packaging is really practical, the pump does not give out too much product
-i've received flattering compliments on my hair with this

-it's pricey at P1,500 ( $30-$31) for 4.2 ounces
-the serum is kinda watery

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. definitely my HG

i didn't think my fine hair could handle a serum but i was amazed at this stuff. my hair looks smooth and shiny all throughout the day. NEVER GREASY. my sister who has coarser and frizzier hair also uses this and it works just as good for her. that's why i would recommend this to everyone, and for all hair types!

so tell me, what hair serum do you use??




reveriepapillon said...

wow now i'm tempted to get this! it is expensive though~~~ I just repurchased the keratse maquintense though~!!!

mimi said...

go get it!! it's so worth it!! no more bad hair days for me!! =)

skyla.arts said...

I have to order it online and pay for shipping! :( aahhh~ maybe when i get paid next time! (

It'll go great with my new t3 hairdryer! :)

reveriepapillon said...

gosh...i'm sorry dear, i was logged on to my 'business' email account! sorry!!! it's still me~!

agigi said...

my HG too!!! *high five*

nice blog dude!

mimi said...

reveriepapillion: hehe it's ok!! when you get paid GO AND BUY IT!!!!!

mimi said...

@agigi heheh my HG too!! thanks thanks!!!

Sydney said...

Ooh, I will definitely have to try this product out! Thanks for the helpful review. :D

mimi said...

@sydney- you're welcome =) don't forget to tell me how it goes =)