Saturday, December 27, 2008

review: hip color truth cream eyeliner


-very creamy
-the color pay off is wonderful
-it lasts all day ( i did use a base though)
-very affordable
-the packaging is great, i like it better than mac because it's wider and i find it easier to work my brush in
-the consistency is very easy to work with
-dries pretty quickly.


-the consistency may be TOO creamy! i almost always pick up too much product when i dip my brush into the jar since it's so creamy.

-the free brush it comes with is utterly useless. i just chucked it in the trash! and i think the box it comes with is useless too! it's just a waste of paper!

overall, i am IN LOVE with this product. i haven't used the blue one yet as i've been doing neutral looks lately, but i can't wait too. it's so gorgeous and vibrant!

i can honestly say, i think this is better than mac's fluidline only because it's so much creamier and the jar has a wider opening. so instead of dipping my brush into the jar, i can actually swipe it sideways- coating the whole brush with the product. sometimes it's easier to apply using the sides of the brush, not just the tip =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008-2009 wishlist

my wish list 2008 by imeeli

i'm officially addicted to this site!! go the idea from -a watercolor sky- sorry hun, i don't know your name =)

i promise to work extra hard so i can get everything by the end of next year! hahah

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

review: nyx jumbo eye pencils


*very creamy and blendable
*very pigmented
*definitely makes shadows look more vibrant
*awesome range of colors
*stick applicator makes a more precise application


*unavailable in the philippines. i have to get them online. shipping is ASS
*without a proper base (udpp or TFSI) they will definitely crease
*the caps get greasy for some reason.
*the color chart on the website can be very misleading!

overall, i like these jumbo eyepencil. at first, i regretted purchasing them because the first time i used them, they creased like crazzzzy. but the second time i tried them, i used udpp as a base, then used my mac 242 to pat down the color and then applied shadow. it did not crease at all and my eyeshadow stayed perfect for the whole day! i was really surprised and pleased at the same time. and to think i almost gave up on them =)

anyways, hope you guys like the swatches!

Monday, December 8, 2008

swatches =)

so here are the swatches from my previous haul. i'm no photographer so this is the best that i can come up with. i waited till it was morning so i can get the best possible lighting! i hope you guys enjoy it =)

elianto is a korean brand that sells affordable, quality cosmetics. =)

sooooo beautiful!

i haven't gotten my hands on mac msfs this will have to do =)

mac e/s in "wedge" sorry, i forgot to swatch this =(

mac blush in "gingerly"

i've been using this as my contour color

mac paint pot constructivist

picture does not show it justice, but constructivist is actually a deep brown color. sooo gorgeous!!

benefit hoola

a nice brown color

perfect for contouring!

that's all folks!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

collective haul

hey guys, thought i'd share some of the stuff i've collected over the past week. as much as i love haulin, this is probably my last haul until i go to hong kong in a couple of weeks! need to save up!

1. benefit hoola bronzer
2. elianto mineralized blush. ( korean brand)
3. mac lipsticks in "cherish" & "quietone" both are lusters
4. mac "gingerly" blush
5. benefit lemon aid
6. mac paint pot in " constructivist"
7. mac e/s "wedge"
8. loreal telescopic mascara
9. mac #168 (sorry it's used =))

i will do swatches on my next post =) it's 2:30 am now and i have horrible lighting. the colors wont turn out right! i'll take pictures first thing tomorrow morning =))

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FOTD: neutral face

so i've been really crazy about my coastal scents pallete lately, this time i did a neutral look with it =) seriously, you could do soooo many looks with this palette, you really wouldn't need any more makeup if you had this!

anyways, on to the LOTD:

1-lid color
2-highlight color
3-crease color
4-out V color

tools used:
1- coastal scents crease brush
2- coastal scents tapered crease brush
3- mac 239
4- mac 168
5- mac fluidline "blacktrack"
6- mac paint pot " constructivist"
7- mac blush "pinch me" (cheek color)
8- mac blush "ginerly" (contour)
9- benefit 10 (shimmery half used for highlight)

* not pictured

loreal telescopic mascara in "black"
mac lipstick "body suit"

i need to learn how to work my camera to it's full potential!! i have a canon ixus 7.5 mega pixel but my photos so EHH.