Sunday, November 29, 2009


my package!! totally made my day!

unwrapping is FUN!

my haul!

NYX jumbo eye pencils

aren't they beautiful??

NYX round lipsticks

i think thalia is my fave new lipstick!

NYX cream blush in glow

how gorgeous is that???

i'll make a review once i try out the products!! i hope you lovelies enjoyed my haul =)


Vanilla said...

wow the cream blush is so pigmented !
yeah unwrapping is so much fun !HAHA

Askmewhats said...

I haven't hauled any NYX products for the longest time!!! Those jumbo pencils are great!!!

mimi said...

@vanilla: it's so pigmented i love it!! i haven't tried it though..i will today!!

@nikki: i'm in LOVE with the jumbo eye pencils!!! any tips on how to sharpen them??

oOchaOo said...

nice nyx haul!!
i got B52 too, and i love it <3

the blush looks nice too :)

btw, im a new follower! heehee
visit me too :)


mimi said...

@ cha aren't nyx products great??? i'm following you too! love your blog =)

gio said...

Great haul! The blush looks beautiful and so pigmented!

mimi said...

@gio i was really surprised to see how pigmented it was too!!

Beauty Savvy said...

OOOOhh! I love cream blush :D. Have only tried Mac's Blushcreme in Lady Pink. I think (whoa, that so rhymed :D) and I love it so much -- especially during the drier winter months. I'll take any dewy shine I can get :D

Yumeko said...


i love packages too heeee

mimi said...

@ mary -this is the first time i've tried cream blushes because i have oily skin, but i couldn't resist the color and the price!

but this doesn't make my skin look oily only like what you said...DEWY!!! loving this!!

mimi said...

@yumeko- cute packing is the best!! =))

Anonymous said...

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