Tuesday, November 18, 2008

review: the face shop herb day cleansing wipes

saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with botanic extracts and rosemary extracts that purifies the skin, these convenient facial cleansing wipes purify the skin while cleansing it gently

i use these wipes when i don't have a face full of makeup and i'm too lazy to wash my face ( I KNOW! BAD!) but they work great because i just bought my second pack and i haven't broken out since i've started using it. it doesn't dry out my skin and my skin really does feel refreshed and clean after using it.

one sheet is big enough to cleanse my whole face. i just use the back if i feel like my face is really dirty. haha

another plus is that it smells really good! like aloe vera !

here are the ingredients:



Tammy said...

I'm guilty of just using a face wipe to clean my face.. =(
My favorite wipes are by Neutrogena..the rest make me break out..

mimi said...

hihihi i love how convenient they are!! we don't have neutrogena wipes here =(