Thursday, November 13, 2008



nyx jumbo eye pencil "horseraddish" (base)
green from the 78 color pallete (lid)
mac e/s "texture" (crease)
mac e/s vanilla (highlight)
prestige liquid eyeliner "black" (upper lash line)
elf eyeliner "black" (waterline)

my friend was selling me this palette but the EXACT palette is being sold at coastal scents for $ 21.95 AWESOME deal.


mac studio fix nc30
benefit bronzer "dallas" (contour)
smashbox softlights "prism" (highlight)


mac lipstick "body suit"


Tammy said...

Where are all of your "kisses"??? Your blog is awesome!!! This look is gorgeous!!! And the neutral smokey eye was really helpful. Thanks!

mimi said...

awww thank you TAMMY =)) i'm new here blogger, i just recently cut and pasted all my beauty entries from my other journal =) i'm still introducing myself to all the beautiful ladies here =)

i like your blog too! mind if i link you??

Tammy said...

Link me. I just linked you.. =)

sab said...

i'm linking you too if it's okay.

btw, i love the look! we have the same palette!

mimi said...

@sab- of course i don't mind!! =)

i never really paid much attention to my palette but now i can't wait to play around it with more !!

My thoughts...exactly said...

your palette looks super cool mimi :) and cool blog too :) you based in manila?

mimi said...

@my thoughts exactly- thanks for taking the time out to read!! =)) feel free to comment anytime!

yup i live here in manila =))