Wednesday, November 19, 2008

haul: dior addict ultra-gloss reflect

hi everyone! i'm so excited because i got three new dior addict lip glosses! i used to be obsessed with these, until i lost ALL my old ones and procrastinated on purchasing new ones until now. i used to be really careless with my makeup, you would not believe it. *sigh*

anyways, i made swatches too in case anyone was curious on how these looked on the lips. =)

i love how shimmery and sheer everything is! i was worried that the micro glitters were going to look tacky, but it doesn't! i would suggest applying a nude lip pencil first because these glosses are extremely sheer


fuzkittie said...

Love these!!!! <3 <3! Nice to meet you Mimi!

purple snowflake said...

how come i haven't seen ur post before?? i like ur blog ^___^
i'm gonna add u to my list too if you don't mind...

mimi said...

fuzkittie: i love dior glosses =)) nice to meet you too!! i love your blog!!

purple snowflake: i'm new to blogspot! i have a lot of posts because i just cut and paste them from my personal blog =)) but no one there really cares about my beauty escapades, so i wanted a blog to share with people who i know would appreciate! hehe

i don't mind at all!! i LOVE your blog =))

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Dior glosses feel nice! If I wasn't more of a lipstick person I'd get more :) Guerlain's are good too and their packaging is nicer imo :D

Thanks for visiting my blog btw!