Tuesday, November 11, 2008



the softest bristles EVER!

so gorgeous! love the metallic pink casing!

super super soft!

laura geller balance and brighten

the ingredients

no more blotchy skin with this baby!

that's all folks!


Beauty is Androgynous said...

no i don't mind at all! =]
my name is mimi too hehe

Nanzy said...

That Kabuki looks soft, and the Laura Geller balance and brighten sounds interesting, too bad I've been staying away from Talc & Parabens hehe

Enjoy, and sure I don't mind you linked me, thanx!!!

mimi said...

beauty is androgynous: yay to same names!!

nanzy: the too faced kabuki brish is the softest brush i have ever touch!! it's amazing!!!

Wind said...

great haul! that brush looks fantastic!

kae said...

great haul! enjoy the brush, it's one of my favorites!

mimi said...

wind: thanks! the brush is UBER UBER SOFT!!! =)

mimi said...

kae: i've been enjoying the brush since the day i got it! it's so incredibly soft!!