Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i blame irene 100% for the recurrence of my makeup addiction, for a while i was contended with my stash but now my obsession has come back with an vengeance. haha i'm spending so much on makeup!!! anyways, so here's my latest haul:

andrew is the best boyfriend in the world. THE BEST!! he bought me mac eyeshadows and empty palettes just because (: i love him!!

-perky paint pot
-vanilla eyeshadow
-modest tone eyeshadow

-mac palettes. i have 2, one for "nudes" and one for "brights"

EMPTY EYESHADOW PANS- i am currently obsessed with "de-potting" i've been de-potting like crazy!

i worked on my neutral palette all night and came up with this. i made andrew come over and help too. i think he was semi-amazed, of course he totally wouldn't admit it (:

BRUSHES TO ADD TO MY GROWING COLLECTION!!! i love them all very much!!

-flat top brush from everyday minerals..THE SOFTEST BRUSH EVER!!!!!!! omg!! i got it online and i'm definitely ordering another one for backup. arr-rrr-rrr ( purring like a cat) it's soooo soft!

-smashbox angle brush ( i lost my mac one a few weeks ago)
-mac 242 for paints,paint pots,cream application
-mac 224 for blending eye colors all together

kerastase lipo-recharge for dry scalp and weak hair- i need this because my hair is starting to look really shitty. gah, all those years of coloring and with not much maintenance! NEVER AGAIN!!!

my bat died before i could take a picture of the inside. it contains 10 vials. this shit was pricey so it BETTER WORK!


LadyJane said...

How is the Kerastase Lipo working for your hair?

mimi said...

it's good! my scalp is getting better! it's usually super dry and flaky. making me look like i have dandruff!

ra said...

Hi Mimi, i have same problem and lot of hair fall. kerastase lipo is very pricey so just want to confirm is it work ? plz reply soon.thanks