Monday, September 13, 2010

August Favorites

So I totally forgot to post my August favorites, but since a lot girls seems to be late on doing their favorites, I thought what the heck! Haha. Better late than never right?

1. Rosken Bio Serum
2. Lush Mint Julips
3. ELF blending brush ( My HG brush soooo perfect)
4. MAC e/s # modest tone
5. MAC e/s # wedge
6. MAC e/s # shroom
7. Lucas Papaw ointment
8. MAC lipstick # blankety
9. Covergirl lash blast length ( perfect for lower lash line)


Pixie D said...

GOSH! you hit pans of 3 eyeshadows =0=! thats cool!

Love the ointment too. Even it smells, it works so well =)!

Askmewhats said...

You have Papaw too! I am using it too on random days that I needed it :) take care, thanks for sharing your faves!

Babybubblz said...

i love CG too in that it doesn't smudge! i can definitely tell those are ur favourite shadows - u've hit pan on all of them!

Susie said...

Is the Lash Blast Length really good? I want to try it =)

Pinch said...

Nice to see your eyeshadows are getting some use! Excellent choices ;)

mimi said...

@pixie I'm actually hitting pan on a lot of my e/s,,,maybe i should do a post on that!!!

@nikki: Yes, i ordered online a few months ago, I LOVE THIS STUFF! it's miraculous!

@babybubblz: I love the CG on my lower lash line! It doesn't smudge and it makes them long!

@susie: I only use it on my lower lash line, unfortunately, it doesn't do anything for the top lashes.

@pinch: it feels really good to hit pan! LOL

Olive said...

i lovveee that you hit pan on the eye shadows! i've yet to hit pan on mine and i'm starting to think the pan doesn't exist D: