Tuesday, August 17, 2010

review: the brush guard

i got the medium and extra small

this is the medium one for face brushes

extra small for eye brushes

clean brushes to dry :)

the medium fits perfectly on mac brushes


the proper way to dry brushes :)

-allows my brushes to dry properly - bristles down, so that the excess water wont seep down to the ferrule
-keeps my brushes clean when in storage
-keeps the bristles in brand new form
-very affordable
-locally available here: http://mybeautybasket.multiply.com


these brush guards are an absolute must if you have expensive brushes. they maintain quality and my brushes honestly look brand new after every single wash. i actually keep these guards on even after drying because they protect the bristles from the dust and germs too!

would i purchase again?
i will! again and again and again!


i completely forgot to post pictures of the brushes when they were dry. i really wanted to show you guys how well they looked afterwards! same with the small brush guards for the eye brushes :) i will post them soon, so watch out for them :)


Askmewhats said...

I own a set and I LOVE IT!!! IT saves my brushes! I need to order more din nga eh :)

Miss♥Nikka said...

I love these! I own somemyself. Leaves my brushes soft and it keeps it in great shape!

Pinch said...

I'm glad you like these! I wanted to love them too, but I found they caused breakage in the bristles :(

JANE said...

I dunno why I don't have any of these guards. Must come in super handy. Definitely will be a future purchase@

Mary said...

Hey Mimi,

As far as drying your brushes goes, it's great. Just don't expect for the guards to last a long time in your purse. It started to fray and fall apart within months :(.

Jacqueline said...

Isn't it amazing how people can think to invent things like these. They are really very useful I love them too.

Mona said...

i gotta get a set of these!

♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

I have been looking at these for a while and I noticed people were doing give aways with these but I think it`s prob better to use when you are travelling. Seems like a bit of a pain to use them at home when they are all in a pot but I guess it keeps the shape.

Any downside to using them since you have had them for a while now?


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