Tuesday, June 29, 2010

collection : mac eyeshadow

1. love-bud (L)
2. sable (F)
3. shroom (S)
4. vanilla (V)
5. club (S)
6. woodwinked (VP)
7. wedge (M)
8. espresso (M)
9. retrospeck (L)
10. silver ring (VP)
11. satin taupe (F)
12. modest tone (S)
13. bark (M)
14. carbon (M)
15. electra (F)

1. juxt (S)
2. swish (F)
3. beautiful iris ( VP)
4. goldmine (F)
5. amber lights (F)
6. sumptuous olive (VP)
7. sushi flower (S)
8. trax (V)
9. wait till dark ( F)
10. bronze (F)
11. green smoke (L)
12. expensive pink (VP)
13. cranberry (F)
14. zonk bleu! (VP)
15. texture (V)

1. next to nothing (F)
2. tempting (L)
3. sharp (S)
4. dark edge (S)


Mary said...

Ahhh! I'm so jealous of your collection. For someone who's obsessed with beauty stuff, I actually have very little eyeshadow.

And update more, lady!!! I needss my fill lol jk.

mimi said...

@mary haha thanks hun :) i promise to update more :) haha

faye lu said...

sooo many pretty colors ^_^ but i'm so sad ... they don't sell any MAC pallets in Australia!
love your blog xo faye

mimi said...

@faye awwww that sucks! palettes weren't available here before but i'm glad we finally got them a few years ago!

i love your blog too :D