Tuesday, November 17, 2009

review: OPI nail polish in " you don't know jacques!"

PROS: this color is incredible. it's very unique with it's creamy medium to dark grey taupe. it's classy AND edgy and looks great with a lot of outfit. you'll definitely be the different one when you wear this and i mean that in a good way! =)

CONS: the formulation is kinda runny and it took 3 coats to get a more opaque finish. also mine came with a jacked up brush. professional application is a must because it can look gross when it gets on your cuticles or smudges around..let's just say ..avoid sloppy application at all cost!!

overall i'm pleased with this color. it's fun to stand out amidst the sea of reds and blacks! i will definitely repurchase!


Mary said...

That colour looks great on your skin tone! I don't usually like earth tones on me since my hands end up looking quite garish, but that is superb :D.

Have you tried Bastille my Heart (from the same collection)? It's a deep red and I lovessssss!!!

mimi said...

@mary i usually avoid earth tones too because i think i have too much yellow undertones and earth tones make my hands look ruddy but this color is so amazing!!

i have not tried bastille my heart..i've heard a lot about it though...should go pick it up!!

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