Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LUSH: honey i washed the kids

i've seen and walked past LUSH stores for years and everytime i do, i cover my nose and walk a little bit faster because i couldn't stand the strong smell ( if you ever walked by one, you know what i mean !).

i've never even stepped inside until one day i was on youtube and watched a bunch of videos with gurus talking about LUSH massage bars and since i've been on a skincare overhaul i decided to give it a try. ( holding my breath in while i was at it!)

since there was a sample for the massage bars i decided to try it out first before purchasing because it's pretty pricey for lotion/moisturizers. and it's a good thing i did because 1 hour after i left the store the places i used the massage bar on left me with rashes. =( so disappointing. i really liked the one i tried too! it's smelled like crushed strawberries and cream. AHHHHH!!

anyways, i did pick up a bar of soap though. it's called HONEY, I WASHED THE KIDS and ladies and gentlemen, it is fabulous!! i smells absolutely divine. sweet, fresh and delicious! after my shower i lie around sniffing my arm because i seriously can't get enough of it!!! i'm so glad i gave LUSH a chance because i will seriously be repurchasing!!

it looks good enough to eat!!! MMMMmmm


ATingsBlings said...

Ughh I can't stand the strong smell either!*_* hmm but this sounds good!

mimi said...

atingsblings: you have to try it! it smells amazing!! =)

Nanzy said...

I like HIWTK, it's so comforting =) but I refused to pay steep price from LUSH lol so I got the soap from e-tailer called Cozy Moments (, they smell identical & the ingredients are so much better for my skin. anyway I enjoy your blog!

mimi said...

@nanzy. LUSH is expensive and i don't think i could keep buying soaps that are that expensive!! hahah

i will check out that site!! thanks!! =)

Mary said...

Hi Mimi!

It's about time you had a whole blog dedicated to our addiction hahaha

And thanks will so add you on my links also.


mimi said...

@mary no one gives a shit about my "addiction" on lj! so it's great to share my stuff here with people who appreciate! hahahhahaha

Anonymous said...

am going to purchase this one... i've seen so many reviews in utube with this product..unfortunately im in mindanao,hopefully my frind will get one for me