Monday, November 10, 2008

review: mac blush & collection

so who says i wont be able to use up all my makeup?? i've finally hit pan!

mac blush in "pinch o' peach"

PROS: mac carries a massive range of colors and finishes from satin to sheertone to mineralized, so even though the colors may look alike in the pot, when applied to the skin, they look totally different from each other.

i like the consistency of mac blushes the most. they're very silky, firmly packed, and they are super pigmented. and when you use a soft brush, the colors will never streak on your cheeks. they're just a really good quality product.

CONS: none, really. except that they're kinda pricey. but if you compared them to dior, ysl,chanel or lancome they are very affordable.

peaches- sheertone blush
pinch o' peach- sheertone blush
fleur power- satin finish
dollymix- sheertone blush
pinch me- sheertone blush
nuance- mineralized blush

ps: i am probably the one person in the world who hates halloween. while everyone is at embassy for the halloween ball, i opted to stay at home to lj and youtube! haha


Stacie Wall said...

wow, those colors look so different on the skin! Next time I go to the MAC store, I need to get one!

mimi said...

right?? thats why i can't just have one blush! i have to have them all!!