Tuesday, November 11, 2008

review: skincare

it was a scary day indeed, the day that i realized...that i've gotten a few wrinkles on my face

for starters, i always thought i'd be immune to any of the signs of aging. - despite the fact that i like(d) to tan, drink, have way too many late nights and not to mention my worst and most hated vice. :/ i thought i was invincible., and honestly believed that there was no way all my habits were going to catch up with me. but they have. the evidence is on my face :/

time to overhaul my skincare routine/ products. no more slacking off with my skincare regimen.

1. shiseido perfect whip cleanser- foamy, has great texture and it feels sooo refreshing especially after a long day or first thing in the morning.

2. shu uemura cleansing oil- this stuff is still my holy grail cleanser. i love how it effectively melts off make up and waterproof mascara in a matter of minutes. no scrubbing required!! the most expensive thing i have in my washroom, but will gladly pay the price everytime because it's so fantastic.

3. beyond belief alpha beta hydroxy pore refining scrub- this is like a dupe of clarins pore refining scrub which is like so goddamn expensive for such a small tube. the beads in this wonderful product is soooo fine, i don't feel like i'm scraping my skin off with pebbles. my skin feel uber uber soft and smooth afterwards. =)

4. nivea sparkling white toner- i have oily to combination skin and i cannot cleanse without toning afterwards. even if my skin is feeling tight, i feel like my cleansing routine is incomplete without that swipe of a toner soaked cotton ball.

5. olay moisturizing cream- honestly i've tried chanel, estee lauder and other high end products but they all just made me breakout. olay is moisturizing yet it's light. doesn't clog my pores and it absorbs into my skin quickly, plus, i just love the smell of it!

6. avalon organics vitamin c revitalizing eye cream -haven't been using this for long, but the first wrinkle i spotted was near my eyes so i had to look for an eye cream. but i didn't want to spend any more money so luckily irene had this and i researched it on MUA and while no one rated this particular product the brand avalon organics was touted highly so i thought what they hey and gave it a shot. will review it more when i actually see some results=)

7. olay total effects 7-in-1 anti-aging cream w/ spf 15-another product that i just recently started using and i have to say it's working out well for me. no results yet as it's too early to tell but as long as it's not breaking me out.. it's all good!! i've had good experience with olay i love the cream and cleansers so i'm sure i'd love this product too!

8. neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf 50- the only sunblock i can apply to my face without having that whole "i'm going to the beach" look. you know? when a product leaves that whitish film on your face? ACK, hate that! this stuff is sheer, non-sticky and smells really good! plus it has an spf of 50! can't beat that =)

9. alba un-petroleum plant powered lip care with spf 15 lip balm in tangerine- can you already tell i'm become a spf junkie? this stuff makes my lips smooth and shiny and totally healthy looking!!! i love that!! makes smooching extra fun! hahahah


i'm not sure if total damage has been done, but it's better than never starting a anti aging regimen. i seriously regret all those times i spent lying out on the beach, tanning UNPROTECTED for hours and hours. i don't even want to think about the damage i caused =(

thank god andrew is not a beach junkie, we're both perfectly happy strolling the air conditioned malls in manila =)

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