Tuesday, November 11, 2008

review: avalon organics

first of all, the cleanser dried up my skin like a prune. i am saturating my face in moisturizer as i type this entry. all the dryness occurred 2 days after i started using this shit. my cheeks have dry patches, red from the irritation, and i swear, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have deepened because of the severe dryness!! and to think i live in a tropical country where it's hot and humid and where i'm sweating almost all of the time! i can't imagine what it would do to someone who already has dry and sensitive skin. *shudders*

the moisturizer is equally sucky. it was so unbelievably greasy that after 1 day of using it, i had the most ridiculous breakout on my chin. 6 pimples. yep..6!! plastered all over my chin. i've never had a breakout this bad even when i was in highschool or college!!! i look like a freaking teenager!!

HUHU this sucks so bad!! i'm always trying new products but i've never been a victim to such a bad product before!! *sigh*

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aww..really sis? i'm in love with this product. baka you have super sensitive skin. well, different strokes for different strokes...

hope you could visit my blog! :)