Saturday, September 4, 2010

Haul: Revlon Colorstay Foundation & Falsies Container

I finally caved and bought myself a bottle of the infamous Revlon Colorstay foundation! I don't wear foundation on a daily basis, only on special occasions like weddings, dinners, drinks with friends etc. so i didn't want to spend on MAC's Studio Fix Fluid ( which is double the price) People have been touting this product as their holy grail so I really couldn't resist it anymore :)Hopefully I wont break out though :/

The falsies container is actually a pencil case from BEABI. A local store like MUJI. I wanted something to store my falsies in when I travel and I thought this was perfect!! It cost P70 which is like $1.25? Very cheap and a very good buy :)

PS: You can fit more that 2 pairs of falsies in the container, it depends on how you store them :) I"m not really good at maximizing my space though :) hehe

So that was my mini haul of the week! What did you buy this week??


Askmewhats said...

:) I can't wait to read more on how you find the Colorstay, I think it'll work for you! Don't you love BEABI? I Can be inside their store forever!

faye lu said...

great post. can't wait to hear what you think about the revlon color stay foundation.
dolly wink makes a great eyelash case and it has a compartment for the glue!~

Pinch said...

Hope you'll enjoy the Colorstay foundation! :) I have it too and love it. I find it's not the best for photographs, though! :(

mimi said...

Niki: I will be dong a review soon! I love this foundation :))

@Faye: I will post a review soon :) I can't wait till Hong Kong in December so i can purchase dollywink lashes!!

and watch out for my post on the foundation! So far I'm loving it!!

@ Pinch: I heard that! But the photoready foundation had too much shimmer in it :(