Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Yoko Papaya Spa Salt

-Very affordable. I got this for like P89 which is like $2
-Makes skin silky and smooth. It has vitamin e so skin feels awesome afterwards :)
-Smells really good
-Easy to use. Just pour some in your hand and apply to skin
-Salts feels rough at first, but the stuff almost melts into my skin
-Available locally. Just o to your local Watsons

-Packaging sucks. The ziplock bag is hard to "zip-up" so I usually leave it open, which makes it so much easier to spill or get moisture in
-Since the packaging sucks, You can't control the amount you pour, which results to TOO much most of the time. Luckily this stuff is cheap, so it's really okay to waste some :)

I really like this product because honestly, it makes my skin really soft and silky. The salt really does scrub well and it preps my skin for lotion. It promises "whiter" skin and i've been focusing the scrubbing on my elbows and knees but i haven't notice my skin getting lighter. But a very fair skinned SA at Watsons swears by this product.

Will I purchase again?
Yes. I've already run out!


Askmewhats said...

wow, sounds like a great product, I've never been adventurous with scrubs but the soft and moisturized skin after is the best selling point!

mimi said...

@nikki please try it! it really does make skin smooth and soft. i've had my doubts with these scrubs before but now, they're becoming my hg scrubs!

Anonymous said...

is not it effective for skin whitening?

Anonymous said...

for skin whitening, which yoko spa salt is more effective? yogurt or milk? do u think yoko spa salt shower bath is better than yoko spa salt?

Anonymous said...

Yoko spa salt for smoothness. Tried it :)