Sunday, August 8, 2010

review: etude house eye makeup remover

Cute packaging always wins me :)

please excuse my messy eyemakeup, I had just came home from a long night when i decided to take these pictures :)

Look at that! that's my two coats of mascara there :)

TA-DAH! clean lids :)

-Removes waterproof mascara
-Gentle and effective
-The scent is mild and subtle
-Strong enough so that I don't need to rub my eyes. Gentle patting will do
-It's inexpensive
_It's comparable to my ultimate eye makeup remover from nuetrogena

-It has a big opening so it's kinda hard to control how much you pour out
-Leaves a bit of an oily residue

This is one of the best makeup remover i have ever tried. It's super effective but really gentle on my lids. There is minimal smell and I didn't feel any stinging at all. I love how the packaging is adorable and it's available here in manila.:) I have a feeling this is going to be my new HG :)

Would I purchase again?


Miss♥Nikka said...

Awww I wish they had it here in the US!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this review, I am just finishing up my current one and will definitely be on the lookout for new ones :D

Mimi said...

wow! one word (besides wow, haha): amazing!!! i wonder where i can get one here...

<3, Mimi

Anastacia said...

awe! I can see your mascara! Seems like works very well!

Pinch said...

That's impressive, without any rubbing! :) Sounds very good. I love a good makeup remover, they're so important and there are lots of bad ones out there :)

Carrie said...

i haven't tried this before. But it looks really good. i think i'm gonna have to try it out too:D

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Awesome makeup remover!!! I'm always so afraid to get waterproof mascara because of how hard it is to take it off. This one looks promising :)