Saturday, July 10, 2010

review: lucas papaw ointment


-huge tub (75g) will last forever
-will heal an dry patches on face, lips,elbows,hells, knees etc!
-a lot of people don't like the smell, but i LOVE it!
-very moisturizing
-smooth and balmy on the lips ( despite the texture)
-it has amazing staying power!


-not affordable in manila, have to get it online!
-if you're easily tired of products..beware! the 75g tube is HUGE and will probably last me 2 years...or more!
-some people might be bothered by the smell. although i found it pleasing
-the jar lid tends to get gunky and messy. probably had to do with the shipping though :)


this product is amazing with all its moisturizing agents and capabilities. but to be completely honest it is pretty much like vaseline but in a cute jar and a more expensive price tag. soo if you're like me, and you are willing to pay more for something prettier and a cult product, go ahead and pick one up :) you won't be disappointed :)

will i purchase again? yes! :) IF and WHEN this stuff runs out :)

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