Tuesday, December 15, 2009

review/demo: desert essence 100 % jojoba oil

-can be used for hair, skin, nails and scalp!
-no nasty smell
-available in manila ( got my at healthy options)
-absorbs really well
-its's light
-can be used as a makeup remover
-moisturizes my cuticles well
-does not make my hair greasy ( i use this mainly on my hair/scalp)
-lasts forever
-it's all natural

-it's a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for
-the lid bothers me, sometimes i squirt out too much , sometimes not enough

i use this mainly on my hair and i have to say, my damaged and dry hair is now smooth, frizz free and sooo shiny! i have yet tried this on my skin because my face is acting out lately and i'm hesitant to slather "oil" into my skin. even though reviews have touted this product to clear up acne! i don't want to take a chance on it yet.


yes yes YES!! i can't believe how healthy my hair looks now. even my sisters and mom commented on how much my hair has improved. my mom even asked if i trimmed my hair coz it looks healthier!


/ 5

i'm almost running out so i went ahead and bought the big bottle!

3 drops is all i need for my fine shoulder length hair

apply it to damp hair"

concentrate mostly on the ends

if i have time, i wrap my hair back in a towel and let the oil penetrate into my hair even more

read this!

i don't have after pictures, but i will soon okay lovelies?? but take my word for it, this stuff works!!!! especially on damaged and dry hair!! i thought my hair was a lost cause and cutting it was the only answer, but i can finally grow out my hair, because this stuff made my hair look and feel healthy again!!!


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I have always wondered about this.
By the way your hair is gorgeous.

IRENE said...

One of my favorite products! :P

lelila said...
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Tamara said...

Looks really interesting, esp. I love jojoba oil!

Btw, I tagged you!