Thursday, January 1, 2009

review: dramatical eyes mascara

happy new year everyone! i hope y'all had a safe and happy time ringing in 2009!! time sure does fly by fast!

so anyways, i was in hong kong for christmas, and while in sasa something caught my eyes, it's this mascara called "dramatical eyes" it's a japanese brand, so everything was in japanese, the tube was soo adorable i couldn't resist buying it. i bought a base and a lengthening one=)

i tried it today and i have to say that it works okay. not amazing, but okay. i got it for HK$80 (around US$9) so the price wasn't too bad. this is the first time i used a primer before mascara and i have to say, i'm not sure i can tell the difference if i used one or not. it seems like an unnecessary step to me and i honestly could get the same result with covergirl's lashblast or my loreal telescopic mascara.

i guess you could say i picked up this item solely for it's packaging =)OH WELL =)

ps. sorry for the wanky photoshop, i use mac's seashore and it's so difficult to use!!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i have never tried tat mascara so its good to hear a review

thanks for the visit and comment!
will link you back once i can!

fuzkittie said...

That doesn't look too bad~ Hehe, packaging always gets me! Happy new year~

Makeup Mama said...

Glad you posted this...I saw this while I was out shopping in a specialty shop and wanted to try it only it was twice the price. I think I'll pass now :)

mimi said...

yumeko: it's an ok mascara, if you have the chance..try it! =)

fuzkittie: cute packaging is my weakness!!

makeup mama: covergirl or maybelline would probably do a better job =/

Stacie Wall said...

Still looks like you have long lashes!