Wednesday, December 10, 2008

review: nyx jumbo eye pencils


*very creamy and blendable
*very pigmented
*definitely makes shadows look more vibrant
*awesome range of colors
*stick applicator makes a more precise application


*unavailable in the philippines. i have to get them online. shipping is ASS
*without a proper base (udpp or TFSI) they will definitely crease
*the caps get greasy for some reason.
*the color chart on the website can be very misleading!

overall, i like these jumbo eyepencil. at first, i regretted purchasing them because the first time i used them, they creased like crazzzzy. but the second time i tried them, i used udpp as a base, then used my mac 242 to pat down the color and then applied shadow. it did not crease at all and my eyeshadow stayed perfect for the whole day! i was really surprised and pleased at the same time. and to think i almost gave up on them =)

anyways, hope you guys like the swatches!


Tammy said...

I have french fries & yogurt and I love these pencils! I use them as a base at times..

Stacie Wall said...

Can you please post a picture using the pencil? I want to know what it looks like. =)

eva said...

ahh those colors look great! i need to get em some nyx products! thanks for sharing hun!

marnibarney said...

cottage cheese is a real nice color too. it's white but the shimmery flecks is somewhat light green.

mimi said...

Tammy: i use them as a base all the time too!! i love them =)

Stacie: do you mean a picture of me holding the pecil to my eye?? sure thing! i'll do it soon!

eva: nyx is such a great and affordable product! i love them too! and of course i don't mind sharing them with y'all =)

marnibarney: i have been eyeing cottage cheese for the longest time!! i will be sure to pick it up when i get the chance again!!

Fei said...

I don't mind at all. :) I'll return the favor.

Makeup Mama said...

I love these things!

ps. You can definitely link me!