Friday, November 28, 2008

review: mac brow shader

hi everyone! i just got home from a mac counter and purchased a brow shader. i had been using my canmake one for a while, until my mom stole it! she's suddenly into her brows all of the sudden which is weird because she doesn't wear makeup at all. haha so anyways, i decided t try mac because i've been eyeing it for quite some time now. and i always said when i finish my canmake one, i would use mac =)

so i decided to get the ivorie/ walnut shade. which i think suits my skintone the most. the ivorie which is a highlight shade is beautiful! not too shimmery at all which can look fake when you want to achieve a natural look.

the walnut shade is cool too, because while it seems really dark, it actually goes on really sheer so that you can build up on the color gradually. you will never get those super dark brows with this product!

not much of a difference, but i like the subtle way it fills in the sparse areas of my brows.=) i give this product a 2 thumbs up!


Kimberly Tia said...

ooooh thanks for your very sweet blog comment/compliments hun! you're such a dollface! and thanks for reviewing this mac brow shader, i was actually looking at purchasing it at one time, but this makes me have 2nd thoughts... lol. great entry!!!

mimi said...

no problem sweetie! you have the greatest blog and i LOVE reading and commenting =))

i think the brow shader is great!! sooo pretty!!