Monday, November 10, 2008

haul: 4 U 2 I- PRO eyeshadow pallete

hey y'all! so i decided to purchase this eyeshadow palette from watsons the other day, it's from a brand called 4 U 2 I-PRO, never heard of it but i swatched some of the colors and they were pretty pigmented so i decided to grab it. i really like the colors and the texture of the shadow is pretty close to mac- very smooth and creamy. i really like it!

but when i got home, guess what i discovered?

AURGGGHHHH i'm so pissed!! i hate it when this happens!! it's so depressing to look at. i actually threw away some of the bigger chunks so this actually looks decent. *sigh* anyways, here's the swatches :)

pretty huh? love it!


Anonymous said...

you can use rubbing alcohol to try to stick the eyeshadow crumbles together... it kind of works!

Anonymous said...

Hi!i love your posts!where could i shop this pallete? it´s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!thank you.

Louzee said...

Yeah, girl. Just spritz some alcohol on it, take a small plastic wrap, and smush it in with a coin or something. Otherwise, good looking palette. It has a nice shimmer.